1. Ode To Fargo

From the recording Strangely Familiar

From the Satori Bob album "Strangely Familiar"


Ode To Fargo (or) Living In The Midwest Pt. 2

The river is flooding
The sky is slate grey
Tomorrow’s already possessed by today

with an endless horizon
a mind turns on itself
on your grandfather’s picture
on the the china dog shelf

There’s a pickup on a 2 lane
with a full load of hay
climbing under the railroad bridge where we used to play

smokin’ cornsilk cigarettes
under the stars
we talked of faraway places and faraway bars

The water she’s rising the fences are gone
that old virgin mary’s swimming on the front lawn
we’re all treading water
looking for some dry land
climbing out of the fire
back in the old frying pan

There’s a Spring pancake breakfast
at the Catholic Church
they bless your Easter food basket for whatever that’s worth

Among the guns and religion
TV and booze
if you ain’t got no options it’s easy to choose

In the local newspaper
every week on page 2
are the obituaries of the people we knew

We drink on the front porch
we wave at the cars
we talk of familiar places under the stars

Satori Bob 2012
Lyrics and Music by John Baumann