One of the best bands I’ve seen in ages, and I can tell that these guys do it from the heart and not for the limelight.”

Satori Bob Bio

Satori Bob lives at the corner of Indie and Americana.  Cellist Kathryn Brunhaver and violinist Della Natasha Davies bring lushness and vibrant rhythms, along with stellar harmony vocals, to the songs of guitarist and vocalist John Baumann.  Satori Bob creates soundscapes both rich and moving, drawing the listener into the compositions with intriguing rhythms and deep storytelling. We are classified by radio folks as alt-Americana, but we have a unique voice that blends energetic styles and gypsy-ish tones and time signatures, open stark ballads and gorgeous instrumental interplay, all serving as the foundation for well-written strongly lyrical compositions. Audiences LISTEN to us, and dance to us.  You can hear our latest recording, String Theory, below.

Press Photos

Della, John, and Kathryn

Della, John, and Kathryn

String Theory Tracks