KRVM Radio Review of Satori Bob

Satori Bob Band has the coolest sound!! Love John Baumann's deep raspy voice! This band is a delight to hear and see! Partially country sound and Blues and throw in some folk! I have seen them many times and each time is like seeing them for the very first time! They have also delighted folks as my musical guest on my radio show "The Rock-n-Rome" on KRVM 91.9 FM Eugene Oregon.  Rome.....

Comment on the Satori Bob Large Band show at the Emerald Valley Opry, January 2015

One of the best bands I’ve seen in ages, and I can tell that these guys do it from the heart and not for the limelight.

by Tommy G of Eugene

Review of Dance Of The World

This song made me feel like I'd been walking around in Paris on a stinky summer's night, looking for relief from all the electronica clubs along the Seine.  I left the last party a little drunk, but still energetic and looking for a place for dancing and intelligent conversation.  But Old Paris was long gone, though I'd come all this way to find it.  I meandered across the broad and mighty longing of the river, and the light here seemed more promising.  Suddenly a clean, slender fiddle note caught the very, very back of my hearing and made me turn my face down a long, cobbled alleyway.  As I ventured further in, I heard the crystal bowl of a magic guitar bought for a song, and then a man sang and holy shit Tom Waits has joined the gypsies, or I'm a dachshund.  A soulful voice like a rocky creek bottom in spring flood reached out and scratched me everywhere my soul needed it most.  He sang of a girl who rounded a street pole like I did just now, no longer a girl.  The dark smoke of the Left Bank tavern took my hand and I drank and danced a slow, tipsy waltz and sang with everyone there, and felt as though each person was someone I'd known for centuries.  I was young again and fully my age all at once.  Thank you, dear minstrels. Music like this is a sad, beautiful story that reminds us who we really are.

by JC Lamb of Washington

Comment on songwriting

Some gracious guardian of music somehow gifted me your CD. It just magically appeared in my car yesterday. What an incredible surprise! I am absolutely captivated by your songwriting. An aromatic blend of creative mind-scenes and poetic turn of phrase. Clever, imaginative and I am the Queen of Pickybitches when it comes to songwriters refining and detailing their product. I relish the sound of pencil sweat mixed with gut wrenching soul search for just the right tasty, luscious word combo. And despite our minor political differences (Bonneville Damn) I would be pleased and grateful to sing MOST of the gems on "Strangely Familiar" :-). Great job John and thank you for this musical gift.

Renee in Portland