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Based in Eugene, Oregon, John Baumann is the creative force behind Satori Bob. This ensemble is comprised of complex lyrical stories, countless live gigs, and a commitment to space and interaction within the music.  

Satori Bob lives at the corner of Indie and Americana.  Bassist Joe Hughes, banjo/percussionist Devin Newman, cellist Kathryn Brunhaver, and violinist Julia Frantz bring lushness and vibrant rhythms, along with stellar harmony vocals, to the songs of guitarist and vocalist John Baumann.  Satori Bob creates soundscapes both rich and moving, drawing the listener into the compositions with intriguing rhythms and deep storytelling. 

Strong and smooth, professional and energetic, Satori Bob is turning heads in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  The band has played festivals, wineries, large and small clubs, coffeehouses, and special events including a host of benefits supporting a variety of causes. 

Featured on radio stations in various parts of the country, Satori Bob’s second release, Strangely Familiar, brings together songs ranging from meditations on rural life, the perils of relationships, the dark journey of the soul, and commentary on current issues, all rooted in lyrical storytelling.   
Satori Bob released a third album, Stories Left Untold, in 2016. This EP gained a solid international following through the wonderful world of streaming.  A steady gigging schedule and a change in personnel brought Kathryn, Della, Joe, and John together for the recording of String Theory. With the return of Devin Newman  to the lineup, Satori Bob is in the midst of recording their next album, due to be released in 2023. 

We are classified by radio folks as alt-Americana, but we have a unique voice that blends upbeat stompers with open stark ballads and gorgeous instrumental interplay, all serving as the foundation for well-written strongly lyrical compositions. Audiences LISTEN to us, and dance to us. 


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