1. Beats Me

From the recording Strangely Familiar


I am holding you in a dream
where the unreal meets the real
where the water meets the desert and the sky
I was crawling from the wreckage
getting out from behind the wheel
with an understanding of the look in your eye

Now the curtains on the window are thrown open
and the bartender looks at the empty chair
and the terror of the deep
is interfering with my sleep
and the raven makes a nest out of my hair

In a minute in an hour
in the flash before the flood
I could meet you in Wyoming come the fall
I could break these empty promises
leave ‘em lying in the mud
I could buy a telephone in case you call

On a lonely country road
where the lonely breezes blow
Will you take my hand under the winter moon
Will you cast away the demons
at the cemetery door
Will you listen when I sing a lonely tune

I am underneath a burden
a few thousand miles away
I might hop a train and
show up at your door
We could count the water lilies
share a glass of wine
and dream a little dream a little more