1. Eddies...Blues

From the recording Strangely Familiar

I vacillate between thinking of this song as sappy and simplistic, or just terribly honest. Yes, I know...

The title is a reference to creek water reflecting the clear sky.



We were lost
we were found
we were spinning around
by the ropes and the words of our making
you said don’t say a word
but I swear that I heard
that the dead are right there for the taking

Ain’t it funny how
when we look back now
we never thought we were making those choices
but we danced so well
said oh what the hell
till we heard the sound of their voices

When a kiss is a curse and a blessing both
when the ground we ignore insists on growth
there’s no need to act if you have no part
there’s no way to break a broken heart

There is nowhere to go
this you and I know
so we’ll stand on the ground of our living
play the cards we’ve been dealt
say oh what the hell
I guess this is the gift that keeps giving

Satori Bob 2012
Lyrics and Music by John Baumann

John Baumann