From the recording Strangely Familiar

My "protest" song. I appreciate the hydroelectric power generation in the Pacific Northwest as more desirable than coal or nuclear, but the salmon are not at in favor. I dedicate this song to a place I've never seen, but hope to one day -- Celillo Falls.


Bonneville Damn

Everybody’s scared so they laugh and shout
She’s a coffee shop goddess I’m asking her out
She laughs when she watches the evening news
She says war kills those that it don’t amuse
I’m stuck in the muck like a Coho salmon
Staring straight up at that Bonneville Damn

I think her phone is tapped but she don’t care
I said we’re losing our freedom she’s brushing her hair
I said it looks like it’s gonna be a real hard rain
She said there’s no evil just sane and insane
I been tossed overboard no sign of land
I’ve run up against that Bonneville Damn

I been reading the paper following the news
Trying to get an answer to all these blues
Seems like the deck is stacked even the winners lose
She don’t care she’s shining up her dancing shoes
Well I dreamed last night I was the last king salmon
Crackin’ my head on that Bonneville Damn

They say the New World Order’s gonna raise all boats
I’m treading water cause mine don’t float
Blind growth ain’t all its cracked up to be
I hear alarm bells ringing in the Land of the Free
Well you do what you must, you do what you can
Someday we’ll tear down that Bonneville Damn

Satori Bob 2012
Lyrics and Music by John Baumann

John Baumann