From the recording String Theory

Musings on the human condition. How we construct our identities in spite of the realities we live through.


There’s beauty in sadness
and love in strange places
and historical fiction
in thin lines on thin faces

no lessons for learning
no moments for teaching
just a forever grasping
for things just out of reach

We’re each a collection
of uneven short stories
of shame and shortcomings
of almost past glories

We lie to ourselves
We construct who we are
rooted deep in the earth
we tilt up to the stars

cuz now who’s gonna stop us
there’s no one that brave
hell they don't even care
they sure don’t wanna save us

so let’s make something better
outta dreams and old rumors
and you believe me
and I’ll believe you were

the cream of the crop
and the queen of the dance
and I was the hero
with shield and with lance

riding out from the castle
with a company of men
hell bent on creating
the story I’m in