From the recording Stories Left Untold

I played a strange solo gig in Creswell, Oregon. It was an all day show with full electric bands, with me sandwiched in the middle. I wore a black cap I'd gotten in Washington DC with "CIA" in white letters. After my performance, a clearly upset gentleman had a chat with me. This song is about that chat, and what might have happened afterwards.


He Pointed At My Hat

He pointed at my hat
It said CIA
He said you're taking real chances being dressed that way
Why I once knew a guy who wore one of those
And he walked outside a bank and wouldn't you know
A robber ran out and thought he was a cop and shot him point blank my friend never woke up
no he never woke up

He said I was a federal officer for 23 years and he shifted his stance and sipped his beer
He said you’re flirting with danger take off that damn hat he lifted his shirt and said look at that
And his stomach was purple and curdled cream
With a healed over hole where his navel should be
yeah where his navel shoulda been

He said I’m Leroy you can call me Lee
This is my wife she’s here with me
I like your music you got a good voice
I said the hat was a random choice
He said it just don’t attract the right kinda folks
you just don’t wanna face what that hat evokes
face what that hat evokes

His wife was Samantha, she called herself Sam
she was blonde and a bit uncomfortable just then
she said who cares about hats lets have a good time
she hugged her man tight run her hand down his spine
and ever so slowly took a long sip of wine
and took his hand in hers and set her eyes on mine
yeah she set her eyes on mine

She said my glass is half-empty how about you
let’s go inside where it’s nice and cool
Leroy wasn’t looking he never saw us go
the band was warming up it was an all day show
she whispered in my neck she whispered real soft
I’m sick of his shit and I wanna get off
I just wanna get off

The last I saw Leroy he was deep in a crowd
watching loud blues music Sam wasn’t around
I thought about the meaning of the words he said
and the statements I was making with that hat on my head
You can say anything you want in the USA
but you know there’s repercussions from the things you say
repercussions from the things you say