From the recording Stories Left Untold

My imaginary exploration into the mind of false bravery in the face of loss.


Cold Water Morning

There’s nothin for breakfast
the kitchen is cold
there’s plates in the sink
the dog’s lookin old

the plants are all drooping
the tv’s still on
the driveway is empty
your car is still gone

Cold Water Mornings make it hard to wake up
Tis the season for whiskey in my coffee cup
Seems you were the one who said enough is enough
When the going gets weird even the weird have it rough

I’m shopping for one
and eating for two
just filling the hole
I dug out for you

The laundry needs doing
the mail’s in a pile
I ain’t waitin for you
cause that ain’t my style


I’m filling my days
with fishing and beer
I’d hang out with you
but you’re no longer here

the boys at the diner
never mention your name
they ask how I’m doing
and I ask ‘em the same


I got plenty to do
there’s fences to mend
things to look after
the list never ends

I probably wouldn’t have time
to talk to you anyway
it’s probably all for the best
that you didn’t stay