1. Rainwater Farm

From the recording Stories Left Untold

Stories from the farm we lived on just south of Eugene. My dear departed friend Eric is embedded in the lyrics.


Rainwater Farm

We touch the way old lovers touch
And maybe it's a bit too much
Like fine cuisine and wine for lunch
But damn it sure tastes good

The goats and cats and children grow
And roosters crow in stereo
And people come and people go
And life moves as it should

And something happens now and then
A breaking heart a life that ends
But life goes on and hearts can mend
Leaving nothing but a scar

Embedded deep within my soul
Are stories better left untold
Perhaps when we are very old
We won't be far apart

like flowers blooming in the snow
just what we’ll find we’ll never know
I’m pretty sure that things that grow
grow anywhere they please

And sometimes when you walk on by
I stop the urge to cry out to you
don’t even need to question why
I just drop down to my knees

The years flow by the time goes past
the moments speed by ever faster
nothing dies and nothing lasts
the wild’s never really tamed

We'll touch the way old lovers do
and find we're making something new
You look at me, I look at you
And listen to the rain
And listen to the rain
And listen to the rain