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This is the home of Satori Bob, born of guitars/cello/violin and three-part harmony, and solo/duo/trio versions of John Baumann's musical creations. The list of musicians who play music with John keeps growing, and we encourage you to check out our Personnel page to meet us all.

We welcome suggestions for touring venues especially on the West Coast. East coast promoters are welcome to contact John since several mini-tours are in the works.  Join the mailing list or visit this site to find out where we're playing.

Take a tour of the site, join the mailing list, listen to some music, and hang around a while.  Don't forget to tell your friends about Satori Bob.


String Theory

Satori Bob

John plays guitar and sings, Kathryn plays cello and sings, Della plays violin and sings, Beau played percussion for "Beats Me."

Beau also recorded and mixed this music at his Golden Lab Studios in the Fall of 2017.

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  1. 1 Jon Johnson 05:31 Lyrics
  2. 2 Beats Me 2017 03:50 Info
  3. 3 Give My Regards 03:14 Info
  4. 4 The Story I'm In 03:23 Info
  5. 5 Patriot 04:22 Info


Spencer Creek Music & Art Series

Good Shepherd Church, 85780 McBeth Road, Eugene

2018-19 Spencer Creek Music & Art Series

In this second year of the Spencer Creek Music & Art Series, our venue will again be The Good Shepherd Church at 85780 McBeth Road. This location is about 5 miles SW of Eugene near the Spencer Creek Grange and past the 4 mile marker on Lorane Highway. These third Sunday afternoon events are at 3:00-4:30 p.m. begin with a concert and followed by an art exhibit and Reception. Donations of $5-10 support the Series and an Arts Education Fund for local children

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