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Songwriting and Guitar

Online Songwriting and Guitar Lessons that work with YOUR schedule.  Contact John at

Are you struggling to create compelling lyrics for your music?  Are you confused about how to use basic progressions to create a background for your song ideas?  Perhaps a combination of both?  You've come to the right place.  I will work with you to bring your ideas to life, to give voice to your inner voices.  

Whether you want to learn basic and essential guitar progressions, to work with your lyrical ideas to become a better songwriter, or to just learn enough to play for your own enjoyment, let me help you.  Contact me at and let's get you playing and creating the music you need in your life.

The essence of the relationship between musician and instrument is monastic, timeless, and unchanging. It may be a relationship as close as and as exclusive as man and wife, or even more so, as many a spouse will attest. The instrument is passive, the musician acting upon it. He comes to understand himself as the imperfection of his daily endeavours upon it are scrutinised for the slightest hint of progress. His life’s work becomes the distance travelled from that first day so many years earlier when he first attempted to extract a pretty sound from an unobliging combination of wood, gut, metal, and reed laced together with piping, pads, hammers, and tension rods. He tried on that first day, when no one was listening, found his efforts wanting, and tried again. Twenty minutes or twenty years later, he may or may not have achieved more musical results — and twenty-thousand may be listening.” - Bill Bruford